Project 1: Continuous Organizational Improvement for Increased Efficacy

State Plan
  • All IDOE staff members will know and perform their responsibilities in support of the vision, mission, and goals of the Indiana Department of Education.
  • Indiana students are graduating from high school prepared for post-secondary education and training to enter living-wage careers.
  • Staff members, LEAs, parents, advocates, and stakeholders have easy access to high-quality information systems, and services to support schools and student learning. Create and implement the Indiana plan to meet the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  • IDOE will effectively and efficiently lead and serve LEAs to increase student achievement.
  • All divisions within IDOE will collaborate and cooperate, using group and individual performance evaluations and a process of continuous improvement.

IDOE is moving into the fourth year of strategic planning for continuous organizational improvement. In the first year all staff members had the opportunity to engage in writing the plan, including identifying core values, goals, objectives, strategies, indicators, and evidence, to be pursued in all offices of the department. In the second year the plan was aligned, revised and implemented. In the third year the plan was in full implementation. In year 4 GLCC supported IDOE through an annual review of the plan, revising and realigning resources as part of the process. IDOE paid special attention to improving internal and external communication. GLCC brokered for the content expertise of BSCP, facilitating IDOE’s participation in the BSCP Strategic Communications Benchmarking Project and also in the BSCP Strategic Performance Management Guiding Coalition.  In addition, IDOE requested GLCC assistance in offering professional learning opportunities to specific offices within the department.  GLCC contracted with Dr. Shannon Flumerfelt of Charactership Lean Consulting to deliver the Lean tools for continuous organizational improvement with the offices of Licensure, Information Technology, and Assessment. 

In Year 5, IDOE faces the challenge of thoroughly institutionalizing the strategic plan so that it can effectively practice continuous organizational improvement and complete the transformation of the agency’s culture. GLCC will assist IDOE in institutionalizing the staff practices of its strategic plan. This scope of work represents the next major phase in supporting the increasing human, organizational, structural, material, and political capacity of IDOE.  GLCC will continue collaboration with BSCP and Charactership Lean Consulting to implement and strengthen the new practices and advance them across offices.

In addition, as this work transitions into year 5, GLCC will provide content expertise, planning, and facilitation to IDOE as it develops its plan to meet the requirements of ESSA. This technical assistance is described in the project description table that follows, and also in the other year 5 projects: Excellent Educators, Success for All Learners, Closing Graduation Gaps, and Indiana Standards and Assessments.

Progress to Date: GLCC…

  • Provided resources in the development of the Superintendent’s Imagine 2020, IDOE’s official platform of commitment to leadership in Indiana education over the next four years.
  • Provided technical assistance to the Superintendent and IDOE leadership in planning and presenting a statewide summit on ESSA and the implications of ESSA to Indiana.
  • Facilitated the annual review/alignment/revision of the strategic plan.
  • Provided Lean training to the offices of Licensure, Assessment, and Information Technology.
  • Brokered a collaborative relationship with BSCP for IDOE to participate in the guiding coalition and communications benchmarking project.

Recent Development

In its continued support of the implementation of the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) internal strategic plan, GLCC has connected IDOE with two initiatives from the Building State Capacity and Productivity Center (BSCP Center): the Strategic Performance Management Guiding Coalition and Strategic Communications Benchmarking Process. The guiding coalition brings together representatives from multiple states to form a community of practice and facilitates conversations on the key components of organizational performance management. The coalition meets via a monthly webinar and has recently featured a presentation from IDOE’s chief information officer on Indiana’s internal strategic plan.

For the benchmarking process initiative, IDOE engages in a series of activities designed to lead IDOE toward establishing systems that improve internal and external communication. In the initial phase of the process, IDOE leadership discussed communication throughout the department. Then, the IDOE personnel responsible for communication participated in a series of interviews with BSCP about its communication practices and challenges. The next phase will include more direct interaction with other states.

Research and Resources

This project will draw on multiple sources. GLCC will use the work and research of Shannon Flumerfelt, Ph.D., Charactership Lean Publishing and Consulting, Inc., for the Lean tools for continuous organizational improvement. GLCC will use BSCP products, including SEA Strategic Communications: A Stakeholder Approach to Prioritize Communications Efforts and State Education Agency Communications Process: Benchmark and Best Practices Project for strategic communications.