Project 3: English Learners and Early Literacy

State Plan

Ohio educators can design and deliver lessons that integrate content and language instruction so that English learners (EL), especially those in grades K-3, can access grade-level concepts while developing literacy and academic language skills.

In Year 4, GLCC collaborated with the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) to build the capacity of regional EL coordinators and early literacy specialists to train EL specialists and general education teachers in districts and schools through a program called “What’s Different about Teaching Reading to Students Learning English?” This three-day training was held in four regions of Ohio:  northeast Ohio, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus.  Each training was attended by regional EL coordinators, large urban district EL coordinators, and some early literacy specialists. 

In Year 5, GLCC will help facilitate closer alignment of EL training of regional providers with the SSIP early literacy plan and use of LETRS core instruction and interventions. By leveraging both EL-based instruction and intervention with LETRS in select districts, ODE is more likely to see improved early literacy outcomes. GLCC will focus on several capacity-building measures that should not only provide more teachers with training in sheltered instruction and early literacy EL instruction, but should extend the reach of existing training through the development on online forms of professional learning.

Progress to Date: GLCC…

  • Brought in Center for Applied Linguistics' (CAL) expertise to lead a three-day training-of-trainer session “What’s Different about Teaching Reading to Students Learning English?” to regional early literacy specialists, regional EL coordinators, and other EL coordinators who work across multiple districts.  
  • Designed with CAL and ODE a series of “What’s Different?” trainings to further build the capacity of the regional system to provide training to EL specialists and general education teachers in districts and schools
  • Enabled productive conversations between the Lau Center and members of the SSIP core literacy team to better coordinate and leverage early literacy efforts.

Research and Resources

This project will include resources from and partnerships with the Center for English Learners at AIR and the Center for Applied Linguistics.