Project 4: Support for the State Development Network (SDN) Local Education Agencies (LEAs)

State Plan

“Since January 2013, the Indiana Department of Education has embarked on a mission to build an education system of equity and high quality, focused on student-centered accountability.  The department focuses on these three educational foundations to advance their system of serving children, no matter their zip code:

  • Equity in Student access to resources and instructional support
  • High quality instruction from the very best educators with high learning expectations and support for all Hoosier students
  • A strong student-centered approach that focuses on the diverse needs of each and every student to exit our pre-K-12 education system prepared to succeed in college and career opportunities.” (Imagine 2020)

Specifically, IDOE will

  • Close the graduation gap among all subgroups.
  • Monitor achievement gaps to ensure all students are on track to graduate college and career ready.
  • Expand local efforts through the Department’s Division of Outreach for School Improvement to increase graduation rates.

GLCC will carry out many of the objectives listed in Project 3: Success for All Learners, within the SDN, with increased intensity and frequency. This project extends from and builds upon the Personalized Pathways to Academic Achievement for All Learners from year 4.  The SDN will provide leadership and resources to the nine LEAs in SDN cohort 1, and the seven LEAs in cohort 2.  Cohort 1 addresses systems change with LEAs that have high numbers of focus and priority schools.  Cohort 2 addresses graduation gaps with a set of LEAs in which schools have A, B, and C ratings, but serious achievement gaps. 

The SDN kick-off workshop was conducted in August 2016, with all LEAs participating in data review, root cause analysis, and strategy/goal setting exercises. The SDN will come together for fall, winter, and spring review of progress workshops. In addition, each SEA team will participate in monthly progress calls with their IDOE outreach coordinators and case managers. GLCC will co-plan and co-facilitate the workshops, and provide coaching, content expertise, and tool/materials support to IDOE throughout the development of the SDN.

Progress to Date: GLCC…

  • Collaborated with GTL and the Center on School Turnaround (CST) to co-develop a framework for the professional learning opportunities that the Cohort 2 districts will experience.

  • Facilitated cross-departmental collaboration and alignment of existing projects and initiatives.

  • Co-planned and facilitated the August SDN kick-off workshop, including individual school data review, root cause analysis, and strategy/goal setting exercises.

Research and Resources

This project will draw on resources from the Center for Great Teachers and Leaders, the College and Career Readiness and Success Center, and the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation.