Project 5: Indiana Standards and Assessments

State Plan

To build an education system of high quality and equity that is focused on student-centered accountability, enabling all students to leave high school college and career ready. (Imagine 2020)

Over the past four years, GLCC has provided significant technical assistance to IDOE in the development and implementation of academic standards and assessments. This assistance started with support through the adoption and implementation of the Common Core, and participation as a governing state in PARCC. It continued through Indiana’s rejection of the Common Core, departure from PARCC, identification, vetting, adoption, and implementation of the new Indiana Academic Standards for English Language Arts and Math and annual statewide assessments. GLCC assistance included establishing collaborative relationships with CCRS, CSAI, and BSCP. Through support for the IDOE strategic planning process in year 4, GLCC provided content expertise and facilitation in the areas of STEM, English proficiency, and early learning. The process has positioned IDOE, with continuing GLCC technical assistance, to write and implement a powerful response to ESSA concerning standards and assessments. In addition, GLCC will serve as thought partner for the Superintendent and members of the SPI’s team (Deputy Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for School Support Services and Student Assessment, and Director of Student Assessment) as they engage in the Panel to Study Alternatives to the ISTEP and the resulting new state assessment system recommendation report for the legislature and governor. The team represents IDOE’s positions on the issues related to alternatives to ISTEP.

Progress to Date: GLCC…

  • Co-planned and co-facilitated a statewide ESSA Summit Every Student Succeeds Act Implementation: The Indiana Plan.

  • Facilitated the revision and implementation of the strategic plan resulting in increased human capacity to implement the plan for CCR and increased resource capacity to use strategic planning to identify, prioritize, and apply resources efficiently to update CCR goals and objectives.

  • Strengthened lines of internal and external communication within the division of school improvement in order to effectively communicate regarding the implementation of standards and assessments by serving as strategic planner, coach, thought partner, and content expert with key IDOE staff.
  • Increased IDOE structural capacity to use strategic planning to strengthen alignment of efforts within the division of school improvement in order to successfully implement standards and assessments by serving as strategic planner, coach, thought partner, and content expert for the leadership decision making process.      
  • Facilitated IDOE efforts to build support among various state constituencies for STEM education in Indiana.
  • Facilitated and brokered content expertise to present professional learning workshops for selected LEA teams focused on improving writing achievement of English learners.
  • Collaborated with Regional Education Laboratory Midwest (REL) to design a plan for evaluation of the effectiveness of professional learning opportunities for educators of English learners as part of REL’s rebid.

Research and Resources

This project will draw on resources from the College and Career Readiness and Success Center, the Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation, the Building State Capacity and Productivity Center, the Center on Enhanced Early Learning Outcomes, and the REL Midwest.