Project 1: Strategic Partnerships

State Goal

To develop an innovative and cohesive SEA that supports an aligned, coherent education system at all levels.

Long-Term Impact

Overall Outcome: Improved communication, cooperation, coordination, and collaboration between MDE and external technical assistance providers that results in aligned technical assistance services that promote a coherent education system that leverages its technical assistance resources to prepare all students for college and careers.
Primary: Improved material capacity
Secondary: Improved structural capacity

Primary Federal Priority Alignment

College and Career Readiness

Capacity-Building Focus

Primary: Relationship brokering
Secondary: Facilitation
Tertiary: Project management


To maximize impact of technical assistance and minimize duplication of services and burden of misalignment, GLCC will serve as a relationship and technical assistance broker to facilitate coordination, alignment, and leveraging of resources provided by technical assistance centers and other external providers working with MDE. GLCC facilitation will produce a matrix that details existing external technical assistance and guidance for aligning and coordinating technical assistance of federally funded technical assistance providers working with MDE.

Progress to Date: GLCC…

  • State manager met with chief deputy superintendent to discuss the proposed project and received approval for the scope of work.
  • State manager met with several technical assistance providers currently serving Michigan to discuss alignment and coordination of technical assistance services to Michigan.

Research and Resources

This project will include partnerships with and resources from the REL Midwest, State Implementation & Scaling-up of Evidence-Based Practices, Collaboration for Educator Effectiveness, Development, Accountability, and Reform Center, National Center on Intensive Intervention, Great Lakes Equity Center, the Council of Chief State School Officers, and others.