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Number of Current Projects: 5

Technical Assistance in

Proposed Technical Assistance in Indiana: Year 5

During Year 4, the Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (GLCC) state manager met regularly with the IDOE chief of staff and deputy superintendent, and at regular intervals with the superintendent, assistant superintendent for school improvement, assistant superintendent for school support services, and chief information officer. GLCC project leads met regularly with IDOE staff to ensure that projects were being implemented and high-quality technical assistance was being provided. Through this close interaction, and in technical assistance planning sessions on June 14 and August 3, 2016, GLCC leadership and IDOE’s superintendent, deputy, chief of staff, assistant superintendents, and chief information officer confirmed five projects for Year 5, as described below. All five projects are aligned with one or more of the priorities set forth in Imagine 2020, and with the key federal initiatives.

Project 1: Continuous Organizational Improvement for Increased Efficacy

Project 2: Excellent Educators

Project 3: Success for All Learners

Project 4: Support for the State Development Network (SDN) Local Education Agencies (LEAs)

Project 5: Indiana Standards and Assessments

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Number of Current Projects: 4

Technical Assistance in

Proposed Technical Assistance in Michigan: Year 5

Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (GLCC) implemented a new process for technical assistance planning for Year 5. Rather than developing a plan designed around the requests from MDE office directors and deputy superintendents, the Michigan state manager and project leads reviewed MDE goals and strategies, Year 4 projects, and proposed projects for Year 5. GLCC leadership reviewed the proposals using a newly developed technical assistance selection criteria checklist (Appendix A). Following the review, four project proposals with strong potential to advance MDE goals and strategies were presented to MDE’s Chief Deputy Superintendent for approval. Two projects are multiyear initiatives that will be completed in Year 5. Year 5 project summaries are provided next.

Project 1: Strategic Partnerships

Project 2: Early Warning System Supports

Project 3: Social and Emotional Learning

Project 4: English Learners with Suspected Disabilities

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Number of Current Projects: 4

Technical Assistance in

Proposed Technical Assistance in Ohio: Year 5

The three proposed Year 5 projects include (1) Ohio’s Early Literacy Plan; (2) Ohio Competency-Based Education Pilot Program; and (3) English Learners and Early Literacy. Each of these projects, except for employability skills, represents a continuation and deepening of technical assistance work from Year 4.  The proposed work detailed here is a result of two or more meetings with ODE project leads and key GLCC staff from March-July, 2016.  The proposed projects are also informed by a meeting arranged by ODE senior leadership.

Project 1: Ohio's Early Literacy Plan

Project 2: Ohio’s Competency-Based Education Pilot Program

Project 3: English Learners and Early Literacy

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