Advisory Board

The Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (GLCC) works closely with the state education agency leadership in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio to identify advisory board members who represent a broad range of public and private organizations. The organizations include state education agencies, regional service centers, institutions of higher education, professional associations, business organizations, and schools. In accordance with the Education Technical Assistance Act of 2002, the board advises center staff on strategies for:

  • monitoring and addressing the education needs of the region,
  • maintaining a high standard of quality in the technical assistance provided, and
  • carrying out activities in a manner that promotes improved student achievement.


Todd Bess, Executive Director, Indiana Association of School Principals
Jeffrey Butts, Superintendent of the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township
Seena Skelton, Director of Operations, Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center
Mark Sperling, Interim Dean of the School of Education, Indiana University Northwest


Erika Burkhardt, Assistant Superintendent, Early Childhood Services, Calhoun Intermediate School District
Jennifer Bustard, Principal, Mona Shores; Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP)
Cynthia Carver, Associate Professor and Chair, Teacher Development and Educational Studies, School of Education and Human Services, Oakland University
Linda Forward, Senior Policy Advisor, Michigan Department of Education
Jenny Geno, Chair, Career Education Planning District Council, Saginaw Intermediate School District
Tom Livezey, Superintendent, Oakridge Schools; Michigan Association of School Administrators (MASA)
John Tafelski, Curriculum Director, Allen Park; Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA)


Brian Bontempo, Superintendent, Lake County Educational Service Center
Craig Burford, Executive Director, Ohio ESC Association
Mary Beth Freeman, Superintendent, Delaware Area Career Center
Jonathan Tafel, President, Sycamore Street Consulting
Don Washburn, retired, formerly Co-Director, Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC)