Excellent Educators

State Plan


This project continues from Year 6 to assist the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) in implementing the “Supporting Educators” section of the Indiana Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan. This section addresses the preparation, recruitment, induction, mentoring, retention, evaluation, and advancement of teachers and principals. It states that, “The IDOE offices of Educator Effectiveness, Educator Licensure, and Educator Preparation strive to build teacher and leader capacity and effectiveness to promote equitable access to excellent educators and positively impact student achievement.”

In Year 7, GLCC will serve as content experts, thought partners, facilitators, and relationship brokers for IDOE in its efforts to promote the teaching profession through the following key activities:

  1. Designing and facilitating the second annual Indiana Teach to Lead Summit;
  2. Addressing equity and diversity in educator preparation, recruitment, and retention;
  3. Developing pilot programs in LEAs to improve teaching conditions;
  4. Supporting IDOE leadership and district participation in the Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy (T4TLA);
  5. Supporting professional learning opportunities for districts to benefit from the IDOE Mentoring and Induction (M&I) Toolkit;
  6. Supporting new state-level T4TLA cohorts;
  7. Leading districts in implementing grow-your-own educator programs;
  8. Building partnerships between PK–12 systems and educator preparation programs (EPPs).

By coordinating and implementing these activities, IDOE will help districts and schools effectively employ resources and connections to promote the education profession and increase numbers of teacher applicants and improve teacher retention rates. The ultimate goal is to have equitable access to excellent educators, which positively affects student achievement and growth.


Indiana faces a serious educator recruitment and retention challenge. Districts struggle continuously to address teacher recruitment and retention issues. Indiana's Excellent Educators for All plan (an equitable access plan) indicates that students in more affluent schools are taught more consistently by highly effective teachers compared with students in high-poverty, high-minority schools (IDOE, 2015, p. 21). In addition, the final report of the Blue Ribbon Commission on the Recruitment and Retention of Excellent Educators (BRC) found that “Indiana has seen a significant decline in the number of individuals receiving initial teacher licenses, and there has been more than a 30 percent drop in the number of initial teacher licenses issued over the last five years” (IDOE, 2016, p. 2). These challenges are magnified in rural districts and result in inconsistent, and too often inadequate, instructional quality and student performance.


Milestone 1. Formation of a cohort of Teach to Lead school teams in implementing teacher leadership practices. (1/31/2019)

Milestone 2. The development of an action plan to lead districts in developing and implementing programs and practices to improve teaching conditions, based on the analysis of the IDOE statewide teacher survey conducted in the spring of 2018. (1/31/2019)

Milestone 3. New cohort of four districts formed to develop pilots to improve teacher retention, using the new IDOE mentoring and induction toolbox. (3/31/19)

Milestone 4. T4TLA resources and assistance provided to develop new tools and leadership to districts in building mentoring and induction programs. (4/30/19)

Milestone 5. A second annual Indiana Teach to Lead Summit. (6/15/2019)

Milestone 6. Formation of partnerships between IDOE, PreK–12 leaders and EPPs to address quality, equity, and diversity in educator preparation. (6/30/2019)

Milestone 7. Resources and models from other states collected for organizing grow-your-own educator (GYO) programs for high school students and educational support staff. (8/31/2019)

Expected Capacity-Building Outcomes

Primary: Improved intra- and interorganizational relationships
Secondary: Improved organizational structures and processes

Expected Outcomes

  • Indiana districts have more strategies and tools to recruit and retain teachers
  • IDOE is more equipped to meet the needs of Indiana districts in placing and retaining a high-quality educator in every classroom
  • Sustained partnerships among IDOE, PK–12 leaders, and EPPs, which anticipate, address, and implement change in the systems, ensure that high-quality teachers appropriately meet the instructional needs of all Indiana students

Expected Outputs

  • A cohort of Teach to Lead school teams
  • Teach to Lead Summit showcasing, awarding, and supporting the innovative efforts of Indiana school teams Improving teaching conditions pilots customized for Indiana districts
  • New teacher mentoring and induction pilots, using T4TLA resources in four Indiana districts
  • Customized T4TLA process for Indiana districts
  • GYO model design and implementation in new cohort of districts
  • IDOE, K–12 leadership, EPP task force