Leadership Coaching

State Plan


The MDE asked the Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (GLCC) to provide a targeted one-to-one coaching to deepen the individual leadership skills of each member of the Deputy Leadership Team to enhance and build on the team’s collective capacity to lead the agency in implementing the Michigan Top 10 in 10 Years Strategic Plan. MDE’s goal is to transform from a compliance-driven agency to a support-focused organization that provides quality support to schools and districts. The MDE Deputy Superintendent Leadership Team (DLT) members will self-assess their personal leadership skills, identify personal growth goals to improve their ability to lead the implementation of the strategic plan, and apply the new learning to the direction and supervision of MDE directors responsible for the day-to-day operations of the agency, implementing the strategic plan, and delivering support and services to school districts throughout the state. GLCC will develop the collective capacity of the DLT as well as leadership capacity within the agency to develop a coherent system that will build consensus among external stakeholders, allowing MDE staff to support districts and schools more effectively during the implementation of the Michigan Top 10 in 10 Years strategic plan.


The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) is committed to transforming from a compliance-driven agency to a support-focused organization. The MDE Interim Superintendent recognizes that the skill set of staff who are focused on delivering effective support to schools and districts is different from the skill set of staff who monitor compliance. The staff members of a support-driven agency need the skills to lead large groups of agency colleagues, stakeholders, and district leaders through the development and implementation of state and federal initiatives. To meet the shifting expectations of its role in education, MDE is working to rethink its operating mindset, resources, and structure to move from a compliance-driven approach to a support-driven model, particularly by building individual as well as collective leadership capacity.


Milestone 1. Self-assessment completed by DLT members. (11/30/2018)

Milestone 2. Participant feedback gathered at mid-year to inform remaining coaching sessions and satisfaction with process. (3/31/2019)

Milestone 3. Personal growth goals established for each DLT member. (6/30/2019)

Milestone 4. Growth plan developed for each participant to sustain future personal growth. (6/30/2019)

Expected Capacity Building Outcomes

Primary: Improved intra- and interorganizational relationships
Secondary: Improved knowledge and skills

Expected Outcomes

  • Increased knowledge and skills among DLT participants about their professional growth
  • Improved organizational structure to promote leadership growth in MDE staff

Expected Outputs

  • Completion of self-assessment
  • Personal growth goals
  • Participant feedback
  • Growth plans