Multitiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Model

State Plan


This project has advanced from a Year 6 Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (GLCC) project focusing on literacy, Indiana PreK–12 Literacy Framework, into a statewide model for multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS). In Year 6, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) literacy team developed the Indiana PreK–12 Literacy Framework to help educators provide quality literacy instruction. IDOE also convened a cross-agency team to develop a statewide model for MTSS to address academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs in schools. MTSS is part of the Indiana Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan, and also part of the IDOE strategic plan. In Year 7, GLCC will provide content expertise, relationship brokering, coaching, and thought partnering to increase IDOE’s capacity to support local education agencies (LEAs) in their use of the MTSS model and to support the refinement and implementation of the Indiana PreK–12 Literacy Framework. GLCC will specifically provide this support to the six-school year-long pilot that starts with the opening of the 2018-19 school year. This project will increase IDOE’s capacity to lead and collaborate with Indiana school districts, educators, higher education institutions, and stakeholders regarding the literacy framework.


IDOE is challenged in taking a leadership role with districts in improving student literacy achievement by enhancing classroom literacy instruction and in reducing persistent achievement gaps. IDOE recognizes the increased importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) supports and positive school climate as a way to address achievement gaps and other challenges the schools face. During three administrations, IDOE has acknowledged the value of MTSS and related models, including Response to Intervention (RTI), and has advocated for their use, but to date these efforts have had a minimal effect on districts.


Milestone 1. Sustainability plan drafted and finalized for the implementation of the state literacy framework and the state MTSS model. (3/31/19)

Milestone 2. Since the start of the new school year, targeted resources provided to IDOE case managers for each of the six schools implementing the pilot of the state literacy framework. (6/30/19)

Milestone 3. Resources regularly provided to the IDOE school improvement team related to designing tools and processes to use the state literacy framework. (6/30/19)

Milestone 4. Regular professional learning opportunities provided in MTSS inclusionary practice and the state literacy framework to help schools and districts implement the state MTSS model and the state literacy framework. (6/30/19)

Milestone 5. Tools and procedures developed, tested, and revised to support scalability of the state literacy framework pilot and the MTSS model for all Indiana schools. (7/31/19)

Milestone 6. Presentations to various stakeholder groups throughout the state delivered to increase their awareness of and interest in the state literacy framework and the MTSS model. (8/30/19)

Milestone 7. IDOE-led community of practice composed of more than 600 district literacy leaders, including the leadership of the state literacy cadre and representatives from the pilot schools, to advance the use of the literacy framework and MTSS model in increased numbers of districts. (8/30/19)

Expected Capacity Building Outcomes

Primary: Improved materials and assets
Secondary: Improved organizational structures and processes

Expected Outcomes

  • IDOE will have greater organizational capacity to guide implementation of the state MTSS model, including the literacy framework.
  • The six pilot schools will have the materials and resources to fully implement the state literacy framework and the state MTSS model.
  • The IDOE Office of School Improvement team will address specifically PreK–12 literacy and the use of the MTSS model in guiding schools in improvement.

Expected Outputs

  • Sustainability plan for the implementation of the state literacy framework and the state MTSS model
  • Resources for IDOE case managers and IDOE school improvement team
  • Multiple formats of professional learning opportunities
  • Tools and procedures to support scalability
  • Presentations to stakeholder groups
  • IDOE-led community of practice to advance the use of the literacy framework and MTSS model in increased numbers of districts