The Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (GLCC) team is growing. We are excited that long-time AIR staff member Tori Cirks, a senior consultant, is joining GLCC as our new deputy director. Tori has been adeptly serving as the Iowa state manager for the Midwest Comprehensive Center (MWCC) for the past four years. She has deep experience working with a variety of clients, including all three GLCC states, and providing strong technical assistance to support key education initiatives. In her new role, Tori will join the GLCC management team and contribute to the overall operation of the center. She also will lead the development of additional cross-state initiatives within the GLCC states as well as regional initiatives between GLCC and MWCC.

With our expanded team in place, we are primed to dive into the 12 dynamic state initiatives and four regional initiatives that comprise our Year 5 scope of work. Most of the initiatives build on the successful efforts of the past four years, allowing us to partner with our state education agencies (SEAs) to focus on deepening and sustaining the work for the long term. Your continued investment of time and energy to help our region’s students to flourish is deeply appreciated.