Great Lakes Comprehensive Center (GLCC) has a compelling story to tell about the impact of our technical assistance support in our partner states and across the Great Lakes region. Now more than ever, we believe that it is crucial that the story reaches a wider audience. With that goal in mind, our parent organization, American Institutes for Research (AIR), has created a short video highlighting the work of GLCC and AIR’s three other regional comprehensive centers in two important areas—promoting equity and reducing the achievement gap. These two areas are central to our work with the 13 states that AIR’s regional comprehensive centers serve.

The just-released video focuses on four state equity projects, including the Michigan School Discipline Alternatives project. We hope that you enjoy learning more about the comprehensive centers and this example of how GLCC and our sister centers at AIR support state education agencies. Please share the video with your colleagues. If you would like more information on any of the four projects seen in the video, please let me know and I will connect you with the right person. E-mail me at